Questions for an Eagle : Poetry Friday

I’m trying a new writing challenge and sharing a bird related poem over at Poetry Friday hosted today by Christie over at Wondering and Wandering.  Thanks for the gentle nudge Christie!

poetry Friday

Questions for an Eagle


Dear Mr. or Mrs. Eagle

Why don’t you get along?spread-wings.jpg

The seagulls sit nicely with the heron.

The ducks swim along side the geese.

But you?

You come by and everyone takes to the skies.


You monopolize the rocks

Eating your fish dinner in solitude.eating fish

Maybe they are fearful of your sharp talons

or possibly your gripping beak

worried that they will be your next meal.

And your call:

Kwit, kwit, kwit, kwit

Kee, kee, kee. kee, ker

Seems to say

Get out of my way

Like you are the king,

or the queen,

I don’t quite know

because your coloring is the same.

Despite it all

I gawk at your beauty

and wonder at your size.

Oh dear eagle

stay close by.



Letter Day

It’s Slice of Life Tuesday over at Two Writing Teachers and I’m joining in with my slice of life story. Won’t you consider joining in?

Letter Day

The day was dark and damp with a fog so thick you could cut it with a knife.  I had spent the better portion of the morning working on curriculum writing, a task that I had procrastinated several times over the course of the summer due to the lake waters calling my name.  But today was the perfect gloomy day for working. And with it being August 13th, I knew I had to get moving and slowly ease myself back into school mode because I still had plenty of time left to enjoy the warmth of the late summer lake.  Until the mail arrived…

I dodged the raindrops and puddles and opened the mailbox door and peeked in.  My heart sunk. There it sat at the bottom of the silver box damp, limp, alone, and foreboding: my back to school letter.

It was expected, but then again not quite expected, at least not today.  It arrives this time every year, and each time it surprises me with it’s seemingly early arrival.  And while I love everything about being back in school: the return to routines, the crispness of the air, the smiles of the staff, the sharing of books read with friends,  the promise of plans made, and the freshness of new ideas to try out, all of this and more, the letter still signifies the end of summer fun.  It still comes as a surprise, like a thief in the night stealing away the last remaining days of freedom.  Oh well… I’m glad it came today on this yucky weather day!

Being the Change – Week 3 #cyberPD

Living out Being the Change – Week 3: #cyberPD

I am once again participating in the #cyberPD hosted by Cathy Mere and Michelle Nero. This year we are reading Sara K. Ahmed’s book: Being the Change.  Below are my final  thoughts and plans to move this work forward.

Who Am I?

I asked myself this question numerous times throughout the reading of this book.  Each chapter had me digging deeper into my identity and reflecting on how that translates not only into my teaching but more importantly my everyday being.  Sara’s words had me thinking about my upbringing, my emotions, my universe of obligation, and who I choose to be.  All of these conditions impact how I respond (or not respond) to teaching social comprehension.

As a result of reading and sharing this book with the cyberPD community, I am driven to make changes.  I am in awe of Sara’s wisdom and well laid out plans which makes implementation look easy.  However,  I know I must work at these ideas by first looking inward and then and only then can I move ahead with teaching social comprehension.

My ideas for living out Being the Change (and making my thinking visible:)

  • be better informed – read more news from various sources
  • add books to my mentor text box that more widely represent the “windows” and “mirrors” of our students
  • be open to listening with heart to each student’s news
  • embrace news that is buzzing around the room and avoid shoving it under the rug
  • consider my biases and work towards diminishing them
  • share this book with others
  • Above all else remember that I AM a work in progress!


My notes from the final two chapters:

Sketchnotes Chapter 5:EPSON MFP image

Chapter 6:EPSON MFP image


Ode to Messy Geese

Today is Slice of Life Tuesday over at Two Writing Teachers.  Take a peek at this wonderful and supportive writing community and consider joining in!

Ode to Messy Geesegeese

They sit and wait

huddled together like a team

plotting and planning

waiting for their coach’s signal.

Ready, Set, Go!


And go they do

making me stoop and bend

collecting their stuff

in a plastic grocery bag.

Ready, Set, Go!


I resent your intrusion

stinking up the lawn and lake

fly far, far, away

and leave your mark elsewhere.

Ready, Set, GO!





Being the Change – Week 2 #cyberPD

Being the Change – Week 2: #cyberPD

I am once again participating in the #cyberPD hosted by Cathy Mere and Michelle Nero. This year we are reading Sara K. Ahmed’s book: Being the Change. Here are a few of my reflections and sketches from the readings of week 2.

Chapter 3:  After creating this sketchnote and looking at my drawings I was reflecting on candor and that it is similar to me taking a selfie – sometimes I like what I see – my smile, the people I am with, and the place I am at.  Other times I am disappointed as I am not looking at the camera, the background disappears, and I cut people I love out of the picture.  I think I need to dwell on these similarities a little more!


Chapter 4:  I loved how Sara has us continually revisiting our identity web.  My biggest personal take away is the how my identity impacts the way we react to news.    EPSON MFP image

How Should I Feel?

It’s Tuesday and I’m joining the writing community over at Two Writing Teachers.  Won’t you consider joining us as well?

How Should I Feel?



After five years without you

How should I feel?

Should I feel sad

for the lack of hugs and kisses?

Should I feel blessed

for the mountains of memories we shared?

Should I feel lonely

especially when I crawl into bed each night?

Should I feel joyful

when I see your sparkle in the eyes of our grandchildren?

Should I feel bitter

for the goals and vacations not realized?

Should I feel hopeful

for the legacy you left behind in your children?

Should I feel proud

when I hear people speak of you so fondly?


How should I feel?



Being the Change – week 1 #cyberPD

Being the Change – Week 1: #cyberPD

I am once again participating in the #cyberPD hosted by Cathy Mere and Michelle Nero. This year we are reading Sara K. Ahmed’s book: Being the Change. Here are a few of my gleanings from the readings of week 1.

My first sketch notes some of my important take aways.



In my second sketch I adapted the “At First I thought… Now I think…” idea to make note of some of the changes I’d make in my work as a result of the lessons / ideas outlined in the first two chapters.