Haiti 2018

Haiti 2018

My trip to Haiti was so wonderful I couldn’t capture all my thoughts in one post.  Here is a directory of all the stories from our 2018 trip:haiti compadres

Sitting on the tarmac waiting for our flight home, I try to synthesize all that I experienced in Too Many Ideas

The time the kindergarteners tried to teach me their language! Language Lessons

A post about the schools in Haiti: Education = Hope

Our trip to the chapel Bellevue was one of the highlights of my trip,  as we climbed over mountain after mountain: Deye Mon, Gen Mon


Lake Life

It’s Tuesday and I’m joining the wonderful community of writers over at Two Writing Teachers.  Won’t you consider joining in!

April is National Poetry Month and I’m challenging myself to write poems for my Tuesday slices.  Once again the lake right outside my window is my inspiration, coming back to life after a long cold winter.

Lake Life


Just outside my window

and past the lush green grass

lies the lake called Maspenock

home to blue gill and bass.

The cool and clean spring waters

lap the shore with the breeze

licking walls of eroded stones

and towering white pine trees.

Eagles, swan and wood duck

grace the skies of blue above

While boaters, swimmers and boarders

enjoy the waters they love.

No matter if a sunrise or set

the colors shine anew

leaving on the mirrored lake

splendor of incredible hue.

The lake evokes such warmth and peace

in this lovely cabin nest

I know without a doubt

that I am truly blessed.


It’s Tuesday and I’m joining the wonderful community of writers over at Two Writing Teachers.  Won’t you join in?




Why am I complaining?

I’m cold

I’m wet

I’m shivering

beyond control.

Watching on the sidelines

as I wait to cheer on

the first participants

to pass by.

I stop

and look

and pause


Why am I complaining?

Mobility impaired

missing one leg

or two

running by

wheelchair bound

or blind.

I stop

and look

and pause


and cry

Why am I complaining?







In honor of National Poetry Month I am attempting to write poetry each Tuesday for my slice of life post.  Today I am trying out a circular poem as suggested by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater over at her site Poem Farm.  Circular poems begin the same way they end.  I was inspired to write this poem as I watched in awe the Boston marathon runners.  I was caught up in the resilience of the participants who ran through 30 degree temperatures, torrential rains, and high winds, all to reach their goal of completing this race.  How could I – a mere spectator of  the race – complain about the conditions?












Which One?

Which One?


The envelope sat

waiting for me on the front porch

large and brown

with padding to protect the precious cargo inside

soaking up the late afternoon sunshine

begging to be opened immediately

I scooped up the parcel

and placed it carefully on the table

to be opened at just the right time

not to be rushed or taken lightly

when that right time arrives

I tear open one corner

being careful not to rip the contents

the aroma of the new books escape

filling the air

with hope and optimism

catching me by surprise

I pause and look at my treasures

grinning about my little self-indulgence

thumbing through the pages

marveling at the possibilities


at the thought of next week’s vacation

and dreaming

of diving in


But now I have a dilemma…

How will I decide which one to enjoy first?



Thank you to the community at Two Writing Teachers for providing a place and space to practice and share the craft of writing.  Won’t you consider joining in?

A SLICE of Poetry

It’s Tuesday and the Two Writing Teachers host their weekly linking up of slice of life stories.  Join the fun by adding your story to this community of writers!

A SLICE of Poetry

It was difficult to get back in the groove today after the month long challenge of daily writing and posting, AND a busy weekend of Easter holiday entertaining – But I am glad I am back at it again.

I am challenging myself to write poems in honor of National Poetry Month for my slices this month.  I start this week with an acrostic poem inspired by a posting on Michelle Nero’s Pinterest Writing Inspiration page.  Thank you Michelle!