The photo came across my my feed

Blood splattered across a statue of Jesus

The aftermath of a day of violence

So far away, yet so close to my heart.

I gasped as I saw the picture

Couldn’t look but a minute

Yet the image remains ingrained in my mind

Tearing at my heart, my soul.

Praying for all the victims

In mosques, synagogues, and other houses of worship

United by the Golden Rule

And a desire to love and live in peace.

Shattering peace on a holy Easter Sunday

And knowing it won’t be the last time

Why can’t we live in peace?


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Gray Day

It’s Slice of Life Tuesday and I’m joining the community of writers over at Two Writing Teachers.  Join in!


Gray Day

Gray day.

Snuggled under a blanket, eating soup and listening to the tick of the clock.

Gray day.

Warm and cozy inside, gazing across the lake and watching the white caps form.

Gray day.

Book in hand, noticing the darkness and spying the fog consume the view.

Gray day.

Settle in deeper, embracing the peace of my home and realizing my blessings.

Gray day.



Marathon Monday

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Marathon Monday

I stand on the sidelines

Watching the participants go by…

Some in special wheelchairs powered with bulging biceps

Some being pushed and pulled by friends, up and down the hills of Hopkinton, Ashland and beyond

Some unable to see and guided with directions along the 26.2 miles of roadway

Some with prosthetics, moving fast and with a mission

Some carrying flags of red white and blue upon a heavy pole resting on their shoulders

Some walking and struggling at mile one and determined to make it the entire course

And there I stand, watching, in awe of these well trained, persevering athletes who run, and move, for a cause greater than themselves

And all I can do is cheer them on and cry the occasional tear…

It’s Marathon Monday in Massachusetts.

Annual One Sided Conversation

It’s Slice of Life Tuesday and I’m joining the community of writers over at Two Writing Teachers. Won’t you consider joining in?

Annual One-Sided Conversation

Stand right here.

Lean forward.

A little more.

Right hand down by your side.

Left hand hold into the handle.

I hope my hands aren’t too cold.

A little bit of pressure.

Are you ok?

Don’t breathe.

Step back.

A little closer now.

Lean straight in.

Turn your head towards me.

Bend the knees a little.

Another light squeeze.

Great – now don’t move.

Hold your breath and stay still.


Two more and we’re done!

Turn sideways.

Left arm in the air.

Right arm here.

Twist your torso.

Last one.

Lean in again.

Further please.

Just one more.

Get a little closer now.

Turn this way.

You ok?


All set!

Now you can cross your mammogram off your to do list!

See you next year!

My One Little Word: Purpose

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One Little Word: Purpose

It’s April 2nd and I only had one day to attempt to synthesize all the wonderful things that happened as a result of the March Slice of Life Challenge.  My first post of the month outlined the purpose of joining in the challenge.  Today I thought I’d add to my initial post by reflecting on my growth in writing (noted in blue) due to the challenge.   (Please note that I was inspired to write this format from fellow slicer Jennifer Floyd with this post.  Thank you Jennifer!)

For me it’s all about learning. As a literacy leader I need to be first and foremost a learner, open to new insights and ideas. When I write each and every day I discover my voice, my struggles, my tucked away feelings.  Through writing I unearth of the power of the written word and the importance of communication in general.  This is why I write in the March Slice of Life Story Challenge.

After the challenge I am amazed at all I have learned.  I discovered that feelings are easy to write, but it is not always easy to push the publish button and put my ideas and deep feelings out in the public. My ideas came easily this year as I judged I was on the look out for small moments.  I found them in the grocery store, on my front porch, and right outside my window.  I have begun a great habit in writing daily. I would like to be better at capturing these little moments as they happen.  This is what I learned thanks to the March challenge.

I also write to connect to my learners.  I empathize with those that have a lack of an idea.  I can speak first hand about the strategies to use when trying to craft a unique beginning or wrap up with a tidy ending. I blog because I believe a teacher that writes has a much better understanding of her writers. This is why I write in the March Slice of Life Story Challenge.

After the challenge I have an even greater empathy for those students that struggle with writing a clear ending. I found that ending with a humorous tag line or punch line is one technique, but I overall I have to dig deep to get the ending right! I also discovered that writing is heart work and when I don’t care about my writing it shows. In order to write we need to care about our writing! This is what I discovered during the March challenge.

Finally I chose to participate in the March challenge because of the wonderful community of writers who support me along the way.  I have shared tears with this network of writers, been “liked” by relative strangers,  and encouraged by people from across the globe. This is why I write in the March Slice of Life Story Challenge.

After the challenge I am even more inspired by this community of teacher writers.  The positive comments, the encouraging words to keep on writing and sharing, and the inspirations in other writer’s posts has been invaluable.  I have so many new slicing friends, people that I wouldn’t hesitate to call on for a writing tip or two.  I am so very grateful for this community and I am even more committed to living this writing way of life now more than ever. I don’t think I’d be the writer I am today without the March challenge.

The 31 days of the slice of life story challenge stand before me.  My purpose is crystal clear. This is why I write in the March Slice of Life Story Challenge.

The 31 days of the slice of life story challenge is now behind me.  I have reaped the benefits far greater than I originally planned.  And as for my one little word: Purpose.  What was the purpose?  Why did I write for 31 days straight?  I believe with every inch of my being that I wrote, and will continue to write, because it completes me. Thank you to all those fabulous authors at Two Writing Teachers who gave of their time to make the challenge happen!