The wonderful smell of sweet, fresh mulch  – wish we had scratch and sniff

Dirty Dishes


The aftermath of the shower and Bachelorlette Party – lots of dishes cleaned and waiting to be put away.

Blessed with the means…



All ready for the bridal shower for our daughter – The blessing of a loving family


Pin Happy


The other day I re-discovered this pin that once belonged to my mother, and I decided it needed to be seen.  I felt rather happy wearing it on my coat when I went out today!  Not my typical style but I had warm thoughts of my mom wearing it!


You Look Beautiful


This photo was taken on Marathon Monday.  One of my daughter’s friend was running the race and she told Julie she just wanted to be told she looked beautiful while running.  Julie made this sign and held it up for every runner.  What comments we received!  Everything from “thank you” to “No – you are the beautiful one!”  At one point the sign fell to the ground, but due to the number of runners coming by we had to leave it on the ground for a bit.   Great blessings all around from this sign!



Inspiring Blooms Persevere


This photo was the inspiration for my blog.  After what seemed like the longest winter in history, flowers began to bloom and new life began to sing.  Then we were hit by a snow and ice storm leaving the flowers wilting in the yard.  They survived and reminded me of the resilience of spring flowers.  I love the contrast of colors of the blue blossoms against the icy snow.