How Blessed Am I?

Grandchild number two arrived yesterday with great celebration and cheers.  This makes two grandchildren within four months. So now I am the proud grandmother of a granddaughter and a new little grandson!  

How blessed am I?  

How blessed am I to see my two children give birth to two happy, healthy children.  
How blessed am I to live close enough to see the newborns within hours of their being born and to then be such a part of their days. 
How blessed am I to see the new aunts and uncles (my children) proudly hold their niece and nephew.
How blessed am I to be near extended family and friends that celebrate and help us keep wait.
How blessed am I knowing that these two little cousins will be close enough in age to be playmates at family gatherings – and in between.
How blessed am I to know that each grandchild has an angel of a grandfather to watch over them every minute of every day!
How blessed am I!

Posted in conjunction with Slice of Life Tuesday, a site dedicated to supporting writers in the quest to improve and support.  Thank you Two Writing Teachers.

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