Mountain Memories Day 5 #SOL18

Today is day 5 of the month long writing challenge sponsored by Two Writing Teachers.

Mountain Memories

And see that over there Maddie – that’s glacial till left behind from the glacier years ago.


My son was talking to his almost two-year old daughter, my first grandchild, as she sat in a backpack while he pointed out the land features during a hike to the top of Peppercorn Hill.


We were all enjoying the mild temperatures of that day and decided to try out the trail with the two year old, the three month old on mommy’s front pack, my daughter and myself.   The hill is an old family favorite, now recently rediscovered due to the fact that access to the trail head is within walking distance from my new home’s front door.

The hill carries many memories for our family so having the next generation enjoy it equally as much makes my heart sing.


Like the first time we hiked the trails without a map – just verbal directions from a friend.  It was a hot 90 degree summer day and we took a new route over the power lines – exposed and steamy.  We must have sung “the bear went over the mountain” five times at the crest of each rise only to find another rise.  To this day I can’t sing that song without recalling that grueling 3 hour ordeal with an 8, 6, and 4 year old in tow.

Or the time (pre-cell phone days) I took the kids to the trail with Jon’s first grade teacher as part of a school project.  We had just completed the hike and gotten buckled in the car when I realized I had left our family favorite hiking stick at the top.  I proceeded to run up the hill huffing and puffing all the way while worrying that this out of shape mother might twist her ankle and be stranded at the top.  I made it up and back without incident but the kids still recall their time with the first grade teacher at the bottom while waiting for me!

Or maybe the time we walked the trail with the girl scout troop only to have to evacuate due to a fire at the top.  The girls were intrigued to see “Might Mac” the local fire department’s four-wheel vehicle maneuvering over the rocky and steep terrain in an attempt to reach the summit.  We didn’t make it very far due to the fire, but the scene made for an interesting day.

Mom, we are so lucky we have this easy to reach trail right from your home.  Lake in front, Peppercorn in the back!

Yes Jon, I am lucky to be living here in this wonderful spot.  I dream of future adventures with picnics at the top with the little ones, enjoying the tastes of teaberry leaves and birch bark stems,  calling ahead with our family secret whistle, or pretending to be the troll under the bridge going trip-trap ala Papa Dave! A place where we can make new memories with the grandbabies!

No – that’s not lucky Jon – that is blessed!


3 Replies to “Mountain Memories Day 5 #SOL18”

  1. and brilliant!! Finding a home to start anew while planning to keep memories alive — sounds brilliant to me. Those are some lucky grandbabies … and I still need to see where this is — I might move there!!

  2. I keep reading posts that blend memories with present adventures, and I love them. You’ve given us glimpses into who you are with these memories, but grounded us with the here and now. And your last line is beautiful!

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