Innocent: Day 28 #SOL18

Today is day 28 of the month long writing challenge sponsored by Two Writing Teachers.


There they sit floating in the waters in the early morning hours, quietly peddling their feet under the calm of the lake. Their reflection on the glass-like waters makes for a beautiful scene – one to admire and enjoy from my bedroom window before my day truly begins.  They move ever so gently across the surface without effort or strain. I admire the starkness of the black head against the necklace of white.  Your innocence entrances me until I recall…

The irritating honks late at night that awaken even the soundest of sleepers

The bullying behaviors you display to all the other flying creatures of this lake

And the messes you leave across my yard that have me scooping all hours of the day!


So goes my love-hate relationship with the geese!


3 Replies to “Innocent: Day 28 #SOL18”

  1. Lol! Great contrast, and oh- so true!

    Geese loved to reside outside my former school. One year, they were also joined by a wild (mean) turkey! The principal had his hands full not only supervising at bus unloading but also in shooing the birds!

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