New Shoes, Old Shoes

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New Shoes, Old Shoes:

or Letting Go of the Old to Make Way for the New

Clip! Clop! Clip! Clop! Clop! Clop! Clop!

That was the sound of my shoes as I walked down the stairs dressed for work last week.  The sound was odd and I had to immediately sit down to investigate the clopping noise only to find that the straps on my favorite summer sandals had detached from the sole.  I was devastated.  I loved those shoes and I couldn’t think about summer without my go to pair of wedges.  They are my summer staples!  I made the quick decision to wear them to work anyway and headed out the door.

For the entire day I obsessed over the deteriorating condition of my foot wear.  Each time  I sat down I glanced at the worsening effects of my decision to keep the shoes on my feet.  I wondered if I could glue the soles back together using my handy glue gun.  Maybe I could make it through the summer with that quick fix.  I am not one to toss away items at the first sign of wear, rather I pride myself on making every attempt to fix things – a hold over from having depression era parents I guess.  But as I investigated the make-up of the footwear I realized that glue would be very temporary and not hold at all.  Once home I took off my wedges and made the big decision to throw them in the trash.

I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to retrieve those precious shoes from the barrel, especially after spending an hour searching online to replace them with the exact same pair of shoes.  A frustrating shoe shopping trip on Friday night had me thinking about not letting go.  I was desperately searching to find the same shoes and of course that style was no longer available five years later!  I just couldn’t see beyond those shoes.  My eyes remained closed to any new possibility for my feet!

I started to wonder if I am this way with teaching?  Am I afraid to throw out old habits and ways, fearing they will not be as comfortable? Am I open to trying out new styles or ways of looking at things? Do I hang on tight to my way of doing things?  Can I find a happy medium and incorporate some of the old with the new or should I start fresh?  My reflection revealed that sometimes new things are difficult for me, but when I can take  time to read and reflect my attitude of change changes.

Next year brings about many shifts to my role and my responsibilities.  I know this new position will be difficult and require me to embrace change and not fear the new.

blue nails
                     Not my “real” sandals                                     Photo by Kaboompics .com on

I will definitely need to be open to trying out alternative ways of learning and growing, and even be ready to trying out new thoughts and methods on the spot.  I am ready for the challenge!

And who knows,  by then I might even be sporting a new, stylish, and comfortable pair of sandals too!

9 Replies to “New Shoes, Old Shoes”

  1. Wish my colleagues could come to your realization. Thank you so much for helping with some empathetic enlightenment. All the best in your new challenge and your hunt for your next favorite shoes.

  2. Where will you be??!!! Can’t wait to hear about it! Congrats and I have no doubts you will be walking in style and comfort!!

  3. It is hard to let go of the comfortable to make way for the new…unless the new looks even better! May you find the perfect pair of shoes, and may the change invigorate and motivate you.

  4. I didn’t see that coming. A colleague here. Reading this while lines echoes my mind, “repair shop! repair shop!” But I truly agree that there are times we have to let go of things. When a door closes, a new one opens. You suddenly alarmed me, ” Oh My! Classes are about to start on June.” “Am I prepared? What are the new challenges?” God bless us all! 🙂

    1. I smiled when I read, “For the entire day I obsessed over the deteriorating condition of my foot wear.” I’ve done that over a favorite pair of shoes. I love your analogy to our pedagogy… or to life in general. I don’t mind replacing the old with new if I planned for it and already purchased it… but when it is “forced” on me, it can be a struggle and seem all wrong. At first, change is never as comfortable, even when it’s better, as the old. 🙂 I must remind myself of this.

  5. Hmm, you are making me think that I could have been more reflective in my own slice today. Change is hard and I am in the midst of lots of it! I love the way you connected the shoes to your teaching practice. Food for thought for sure!

  6. Incredible how you took those old shoes and equates them to old ideas in need of a change. Change is hard — be it shoes or our pedagogy. It is something all of us struggle with.

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