Better Than Chicken Soup? #SOL19 Day 7/31

I am once again participating in the Slice of Life Story Challenge for the month of March.  This is the fourth year I have joined the community of writers over at Two Writing Teachers in taking up this challenge of writing for 31 consecutive days.  I know it will be hard work but the growth will be immeasurable. Follow along!

Better Than Chicken Soup?

I was waiting in an extra long grocery line the yesterday and I was forced to read those crazy tabloid headlines.

Win $3450 instantly!


Alien born to famous actress.  Pictures inside!


Nellie sighted in Massachusetts

You know the magazines I am talking about. The ones that make you laugh while wondering how anyone can believe what’s written in these magazines?  But the other day I had a change of heart when I read:

Beat Your Winter Cold with Brownies – Recipe inside!

I chuckled to myself and then started thinking about warm brownies.  I dreamed of ooey, gooey, chocolate, goodness melting on my tongue.  I was standing in line ready to run back into the store to grab a box to bake when I got home.  I just couldn’t stop thinking about brownies.

Pondering the enjoyment of these delicious desserts made me wonder whether there is some truth to this brownie thing because I was indeed feeling a little lighter with dreams of brownies swirling around in my mind.  So if thoughts of warm brownies lifted my spirits, why couldn’t they cure the common cold?  After all aren’t you supposed to feed a cold and starve a fever? 

Or is it starve a cold and feed a fever?

Either way, next time I get a cold, I am going to laugh my way through a warm brownie and experience it’s healing properties, even if just for that one little chocolate moment.


9 Replies to “Better Than Chicken Soup? #SOL19 Day 7/31”

  1. This is hilarious! I hope you’re right, I mean when I am not feeling well I eat so little I can probably allow myself the treat of a few extra calories. Besides, the sugar just may give me the boost of enter I crave!

  2. Warm gooey brownies. Yum! I think chocolate cures everything.
    Had to laugh at the “headlines” though it gets me wondering if there aren’t some people who believe that stuff.

  3. This brought make warm memories of my nana and her ‘junk magazines’ as she called them. Loved your description here: I could almost smell and taste them!

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