To the Hole in the Tree Day 7/30 #NationalPoetryMonth

Today is Slice of Life Tuesday and I’m joining the writing community with a slice and a poem for National Poetry Month. This poem captures a few of my thoughts as I came upon a tree with a large hole in the side. I had some help in getting this into poetry form with ideas from the book: Poems are Teachers by Amy Ludwig Vanderwater.

7 Replies to “To the Hole in the Tree Day 7/30 #NationalPoetryMonth”

  1. I love your ending. It surprised me. The earlier lines had me so focused on the hole in the tree. Then at the end I envisioned the narrator in the woods resting in a hole she made to escape. I also like the word choice – nuts of old. Your writing inspires. I wrote about observing but not sure how it becomes writing. You showed me one way today. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your thoughts Sally. We all need an escape right now and the woods is where I prefer – not sure I’d go so far as sitting in a hole in a tree but who knows!

  2. I love your question poem. It drew me in and took me away from all that I worry about these days. I love walking in the woods. I took long walks in the Poconos with my grandfather when I was little. Some of my favorite memories. I love this poem of address – ou speak directly to the hole in the tree, not the tree itself. Wonderful!

  3. Your wonderings are beautifully captured, Christine – what a great tree and curious hole. I would be so tempted to look inside. The woods ARE hallowed. I walked in them some with my grandmother and the stillness, the spicy scent of earthy-leafiness, just the rich reverence of it all, is like a sanctuary. A refuge, indeed.

  4. I love the use of questions in your poem to engage the reader. The unexpected rhyme made this line even more powerful: “What are you keeping in there? a stash of gold? Nuts of old?” Happy to see that nature is a healing force in your days.

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