Snow Fun

I had just finished clearing the driveway with the snow blower FINALLY cooperating, (see last week’s post) and the sunny blue sky was calling me to stay outside. I had a yearning to bring my writing tools out to marvel at the wintery wonderland. My daughter handed me my writing tools at the front door and still dressed in my snow pants, hat, mittens, and boots I trudged through the snow covered path to the awaiting table. My new picnic table was covered in snow, but since it was light and fluffy I could readily brush it off and sit by the snow covered lake and admire the view.

I sat and listened to the sounds that surrounded me:

  • the drip, drip, dripping of the melting snow from the roof
  • the barking of the neighbor’s dog, hoping his owner would let him out to join me in the snow,
  • the scraping of a snow shovel against a nearby driveway.

There was a sense of serenity listening to the sounds of the day as I wrote in my journal, not wanting to pause my pen, yet not wanting to miss the sights and sounds of this peace-filled day. I sat and took it all in until…


My back was hit with a snowball. I looked to my right to find the culprit, thinking my daughter had snuck down to surprise me, but nothing. I turned to the left, maybe a neighbor playing a funny trick on me, but again no one. I sat silently searching and waiting for the offender to appear but alas no such person ever showed their face.

I looked one last time and saw a chunk of snow fall from the roof and land nearby. Hmmm – so it was my dear friend Mother Nature tossing snow from the roof at me, playing her little tricks and giving me an additional reasons to smile on this glorious winter day.

It’s Tuesday and I am joining the writing community over at Two Writing Teachers with my slice of life story. Won’t you join in?

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