How to Be Graupel

Graupel again? Yes, I’ve become quite intrigued (some say obsessed) with the weather precipitation type graupel. So when we were challenged to draft an informational poem my mind went back to this fun weather word. Thanks to Verselove sponsored by Ethical ELA for today’s inspiration.

How to be Graupel 

I may have been born a snowflake
With crystals perfectly formed
Transformed by weather unusual
And altering my name too!

On the day of my birth I found myself
drifting slowly down to earth
Super cold air envelops around
Riming my every arm

With air unstable these droplets
flash freeze upon my core
Changing me into a mushy ball
I once again free fall

Don’t confuse me with sleet
I glitter opaque and white
Not clear and translucent
Much like the other kinds

I’m small and make the grass look white
Unlike hail, a chunk of ice,
I fall gently to the earth
Without damage to your car

I know my presence is obscure
Not like my cousin sleet
I have a place in the weather world
As precipitation formerly known as
soft hail

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