Palette Art: Day 9 #SOL18o

Today is day 9 of the month long writing challenge sponsored by Two Writing Teachers.

Palette Art

Tonight I will be heading to the opening reception of the Art Palette Contest. The contest is actually a fundraiser sponsored by an organization that serves people with developmental disabilities. Blank palettes are sold for $25 and participants are encouraged to make creative use of the wooden form. While this is a billed as a contest, many people, like me, simply enter for the fun of it. I have participated in this contest with my siblings for four years now. The first few years of the contest I put pressure on myself to keep up with my sister’s painting expertise and my brother’s crafty ways, but last year I made the decision to do MY best work. That decision gave me confidence to do what I could do. That mindset has guided me with this year’s work too.

For my palette I decided to take my recent discovery of zentangle, a meditative type of doodle, and combine it with my one little word – pause. Pulling these two together allowed me to create this palette to be a great expression of myself – and isn’t that what art is supposed to be?

I am so looking forward to attending the reception with my siblings and toasting to all of our best efforts.

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