Music Then and Now: Day 20 #SOL18

Today is day 20 of the month long writing challenge sponsored by Two Writing Teachers.

Music Then and Now

Many moons ago, when my children were children, our Sunday nights were filled with music and dancing.  We discovered a often times staticky radio channel that played kids music from 6pm – 7pm every Sunday night.  It became a wonderful tradition that would start with bathtime and warm pjs, followed by our Sunday night dance party! We would enjoy all sorts of songs such as the classic camp tune The Cat Came Back and the little know favorite titled Dad Threw the TV out the Window (I kid you not!).  The kids took turn dancing on the stage – our hearth – with whatever they could find that night to stand in for a microphone.  I chuckle thinking back on the fun of these family musical evenings!

Fast forward 20+ years

I am so fortunate that the grandchildren live nearby and visit on a regular basis.  One of the activities we love to do together is to sing and dance.  The radio and cassette player have long been been tossed.  Enter the smart TV with channel upon channel of children’s music to chose from.  I can search for any type of song – from Disney movie songs to Raffi.  Each time we search we seem to find something new and fun.  We dance and laugh and enjoy the songs just like my kids did at this age.  And while we haven’t yet searched for my kids favorite song Dad Threw the TV out the Window, I delight in seeing the joy that music brings to the youngest members of our family!  And that makes MY heart sing!

One Reply to “Music Then and Now: Day 20 #SOL18”

  1. I love the warmth of the memories in your entry! I like the connection you’ve made between the “then” days with your own children and how it’s still the same, yet different in the “now”, with the grandchildren. My granddaughter and I enjoy the Beatles and Raffi – we haven’t come across the song Dad Threw the TV Out the Window yet, ha, ha.

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