Nosy Neighbor

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Nosy Neighbor

When I moved to the lake almost three years ago I never thought I’d be one of those nosy neighbors. You know, that person who is constantly looking out the window watching the neighborhood with a watchful eye. Yes, I’ve turned into that annoying one that is worrying over every little thing out of place in our lakefront community.

This time it was a couple that I hadn’t seen before. They were sitting on the ice, rather still and in an odd position. I was trying to enjoy some vacation reading but I was distracted by their lack of movement. One was craning his neck all the time, the other sitting like a lump, seemingly frozen to the ice. I watched and waited hoping they’d move on but an hour later they still sat there without a care in the world. I even picked up my binoculars to sneak a peek but that only heightened my curiosity.

Were they stuck? Frozen to the ice? Paralyzed? I only wondered.

I was startled back to reality with a ding of a text coming in. It was my neighbor.

I was glad to hear I wasn’t the only nosy one in the neighborhood!

Footnote: The swan soon left their frozen perch – seemingly unscathed.




9 Replies to “Nosy Neighbor”

  1. Well, for perspective – distractions for the writer are sometimes a gift! I enjoyed the flow of your wonderings and am so grateful that the swans (and neighbors!) are all right.

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