Sharing is Caring

It’s Tuesday and I’m joining the writing community over at Two Writing Teachers by sharing my slice of life post. Won’t you consider joining in?

Sharing is Caring

My cousin Jinny was best known for her cooking, and even better known for delivering homemade meals to anyone who was in need. I was once a recipient of her generosity when 25 years ago my dad (her first cousin) was diagnosed with cancer. Every Wednesday for his five months of treatments Jinny arrived at my door with cowboy stew and her famous haystack cookies. I will never forget her simple and giving ways.

Jinny passed away last week and I was reminded of her wonderful sweet noodle haystack cookies. I dug out the recipe, grabbed the ingredients at the store and made plans to stir up a batch of cookies on Sunday afternoon when I would be having my first of many sleepovers with one of my grandchildren. Maddie arrived at 1pm and by 1:30 we were mixing and stirring up our own haystack cookies. We made enough to nibble on for our afternoon snack as well as some extras to share with my kids. It was my way to pay tribute to Jinny and remind us all of a life well lived. A life dedicated to caring and loving her family.

Thank you Jinny for sharing and caring for so many of us!

Jinny’s Haystack Cookies


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