New Habit #SOL19 Day 4/31

I am once again participating in the Slice of Life Story Challenge for the month of March.  This is the fourth year I have joined the community of writers over at Two Writing Teachers in taking up this challenge of writing for 31 consecutive days.  I know it will be hard work but the growth will be immeasurable. Follow along!

New Habit

The March Slice of Life Challenge is indeed a challenge for me, with writing and posting and commenting for thirty-one days.  So most people would not think about adding a new habit to the mix, yet here I go again.  Last year on day one of the challenge I moved my website from one platform to another.  I took the risk because I wanted greater flexibility and more options.  It’s was a steep learning curve but I managed.  Yes, it was trial by fire but for me that’s how I grow the most!

This year I want to begin tagging my posts.  I want to track my subjects… I know I am always writing about the lake and I want to have balance of topics. 

According to “tags can be good for your blog. They can assist in easy navigation of related topics, and can help search engines in better understanding the relevance of your site to specific topics.”

I personally did not choose to tag my posts in order to assist search engines, rather my aim is to guide my topic generation. I want to track subjects so that I can be more well rounded in my writing. I want to check in every so often and see if I need to stretch my horizons when it comes to generating new topics.

There is much written about to tag or not to tag. Some say it is time consuming and fruitless unless time is spent on managing the tags.  Others say that tagging can yield great results in guiding your writing.  I am choosing to dive in and try my hand at tagging my posts and see what comes of it.  I’ll check in at the end of the month and see how I progress with my new habit.  I hope tagging is as successful as my endeavor last year.  One can only try!

5 Replies to “New Habit #SOL19 Day 4/31”

  1. I’ve just started categorizing my posts and now I’m wondering if that’s the same or different than tagging. I’ll have to look into that. I like the idea of using tags to research your writing territories. It’s a 2-for-1 challenge month for you!

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