Getting Emotional with Cinderella #SOL19 Day 30/31

I am once again participating in the Slice of Life Story Challenge for the month of March.  This is the fourth year I have joined the community of writers over at Two Writing Teachers in taking up this challenge of writing for 31 consecutive days.  I know it will be hard work but the growth will be immeasurable. Follow along!

Getting Emotional with Cinderella

The middle school drama club visited our elementary school yesterday to perform a few selections from the Rogers and Hammerstein musical Cinderella. The play will be presented next weekend and the club stopped by to give our students a sneak peek preview of the show.  After the director gave a brief introduction to the musical, Cinderella walked on stage and began singing “In My Own Little Corner.”  A big tear rolled down my cheek and in an instant I was transported back in time.  

I am sitting on the floor of my childhood living room surrounded by my brothers and sisters. The popcorn was popped and we eagerly anticipated the yearly television special to begin. We nibbled, we watched, and we sang along with Leslie Ann Warren and Stuart Damon. Some of us even cried… every year. 

Back to reality, I wiped the tears from my eyes and noticed a colleague standing next to me wiping her eyes too. “Well, aren’t we a pair? These songs brought me right back to my childhood living room couch” She giggled and nodded in agreement and asked if I was going to the show next weekend. I replied “Yes indeed! After all why would I miss another opportunity to cry over Cinderella?”

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9 Replies to “Getting Emotional with Cinderella #SOL19 Day 30/31”

  1. My mom shared this treasure with me and my sisters years ago. This version has always been my favorite- cheesy sets and all! I bought it and have shared it with my sons, who also love it. I also have kept the tradition of singing parts of My Own Little Corner whenever my boys are feel sorry for themselves, as I tell them you can be whatever, no matter the circumstances or what others want to make you out to be. Amazing the impact this show has had after all these years!

  2. Love the connection between you and your colleague — I could see the two of you. Bringing her in at the moment of the slice really added to the scene. Now I want to watch Cinderella!

  3. Even though I’m pretty over the idea of being saved by a prince, In My Own Little Corner stays timeless. What do we want to be in our own little corner is a great question. And how do we make ourselves happy? And yes, loved Cinderella as a child and can remember tuning in, fixing the TV’s antenna, and enjoying my popcorn.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. I must say I listened to the words of In My Own Little Corner with different ears yesterday than I did as a child. As a grandmother to a smart three year old (today) I aspire for more than princes for her!

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