Striking a Balance and a Question for My Literacy Friends

My long weekend was one of pure bliss…

Touching the lion’s footprint

I enjoyed three days playing with my four grandchildren and three children. We visited the zoo together, we made our first jumps off the lake dock into the still chilly waters together, and we even churned homemade vanilla ice cream together. The weekend was filled with laughter, food, and over-exhausted tears. I came to school today completely drained yet fulfilled, and wanting more days filled with simple family fun. I can see the possibilities of this happening over the summer which seems right ahead on the horizon. I don’t want to let these precious moments escape.

This morning I posted my summer reading professional book stack for #cyberPD, an online professional book club that takes place during the month of July. I have participated in this fabulous learning circle for four years and love the camaraderie and the insight gleaned from other phenomenal professionals across the globe reading and synthesizing the same book . Each year I am pushed in my thinking about a topic that I might not choose on my own. I leave with a greater appreciation for learning through my new PLN, professional learning community.

Here in lies the conflict …

As I look at my stack of professional texts I have planned for reading this summer, I can’t help but ask: How do I balance the fun reads with the professional reads? How do I take a break from the heavy thinking work of the school’s nine months, while staying current and fresh. How do I put family first during summer down time? I value learning and will make time to continue to grow in my practice, and yet I also need to honor time with my family?

So I ask of you: How do you balance summer learning and family during summer months?

I am writing my slice of life post today and cross-posting on Two Writing Teacher’s site. Take a peek and consider joining this teachers who write community.

2 Replies to “Striking a Balance and a Question for My Literacy Friends”

  1. I tend to read what I feel in the mood for. A little of both. Some summers I am pumped to learn new things while others, I just need a break.

  2. I am not sure that I have figured this out either…I tend to do better at reading professional materials when I have a purpose (like a book club or something that I am trying to figure out). One thing that has worked for me is reading a chapter a night in a professional book (before I read for fun)…

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