Great Blue Heron

I stopped by the kindergarten classroom to briefly chat with a teacher.  The students were already in jackets and boots ready to head outside when I heard a little voice say: 

I like your sweatshirt

I was wearing a grey knit dress that to a 5 year old may have looked like a sweatshirt.  On this cold October day it did feel as cozy as a sweatshirt so I took it as a compliment, much like anything a kindergartner might say to you! She looked up at me in awe as I responded with my thank you. She then replied

You look like a great blue heron.

I chuckled as she ran out the door eagerly awaiting recess.

The teacher caught up with me and I stood on one leg and asked her if I look like a heron.  The teacher was puzzled by my question until I relayed the heron story to her.  We laughed together as I stood in the hallway telling her that I much prefer being thought of as a heron compared to what I was once called in high school, a daddy long leg! Oh the joys of being tall and long legged! I think there is a poem hiding in this story somewhere!


It’s Tuesday and I am joining the wonderful writing community fostered by the great folks at Two Writing Teachers.  Check it out and join in the writing fun!

5 Replies to “Great Blue Heron”

  1. Yes, yes, yes! It is absolutely a poem. Your title drew me right in. I absolutely love the Great Blue Heron. I was actually impressed to hear that a kindergartner used that as a description. 🙂

  2. Great blue herons are one of my favorite things in the whole world–what a compliment! lol Thanks for sharing this moment. It brought a smile to my lips and a bit of nostalgia for my days teaching first grade.

  3. Kid sayings can always bring a smile to my face (well usually). I love spending time with my grandkids ages 2, 3, and two 5s. I keep a notebook so I can remember them and share them with the kids when they get older. I wonder what the kindergarten students at my school might call me…lol.

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