Clearing My Head #SOL20 Day 18/31

Clearing My Head

My mind was swirling with ideas, thoughts, concerns, and plans this morning, yet I couldn’t get anything accomplished. I suffered from too much stuff on the brain so I decided I would just take a hike.

I am fortunate that I can literally walk out my front door and to access the local conservation property. Today I walked for an hour on a new path that I have been wanting to explore. It was wonderful to connect to nature – the budding trees, chirping birds, granite boulders, moss covered rocks – all allowing me to clear my head.

The day was rather mild and I heard ticks had made their springtime appearance, so a shower was in order when I returned home. As I jumped in the shower I decided I might as well give it a scrub too. Not sure if I was delaying the inevitable work to be done or what but it had been a while since I last scrubbed it. And aren’t we all more aware of the importance of cleanliness these days?

With the hike and shower came great ideas. And the work that was sitting on my desk was actually getting accomplished. I crossed things off left and right, answering emails, penning new correspondences, replying to comments from colleagues. I was on fire. I sat back four hours later and was amazed at what clearing the head did for me!

How are you clearing your head of all the newness that is swirling in your brain?

3 Replies to “Clearing My Head #SOL20 Day 18/31”

  1. It is so hard to stay focused right now. Our minds are filled with ‘what if’s.’ It is helpful to reconnect with our bodies and nature; have our feet flat on the ground. Thanks for this reminder and I like your style.

  2. It’s fantastic you have such a nice place to walk and clear your head. I wish I had such a lovely place to walk right outside my door. But, I will appreciate my neighborhood walk. I’m glad you were successful today. Hopefully that will continue for tomorrow!

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