It’s Fixed SOL20 Day 19/31

I am excited to be writing daily in the March Slice of Life Challenge as hosted by Two Writing Teachers. This marks the fifth year I have participated in the 31 day challenge, writing and sharing a blog post each day.  I look forward to the growth in noticing the small moments in my life and capturing them on my blog.  I know I will be a better teacher of writers because of this work. 

It’s Fixed

It had been bothering me for some time. The white items were on either end of the display and the green flossers were in the middle. It looked ok however the glass jars were not symmetrical. The two round ones needed to be on the outside to flank the square one.

With five minutes on my hands I emptied the canisters to fix the symmetrical display. So now I have the white items in the round jars on the outside and the green item in the square jar in the middle.

Ahhh. That looks better.

It’s amazing how five minutes of rearranging a display to make it symmetrical can briefly quell the swirling of the world around me.

5 Replies to “It’s Fixed SOL20 Day 19/31”

  1. I can completely relate as I’m a ‘symmetrical’ person, too. I love seeing someone’s place decorated asymmetrically and think I could do it and then find out I can’t. The little things that complete us. 🙂

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