Good Morning Coordination

I have always considered myself uncoordinated. Zumba classes were a laugh, as I tried to get my right foot and left arm to go in opposite directions at the same time. My new fitness routines however have proven to me that I can improve my coordination with patience and practice. I judge I had conquered the beast and was able to better perform the complicated moves with my limbs. I even bought a shirt reading “Good Morning Coordination” to honor my progress. I felt confident – that is until I visited the foot doctor last week.

I was experiencing some strange foot pains that were not improving and so the podiatrist recommended a gait assessment. I arrived at 8:30am for the appointment with two nurses waiting for me in the room. They explained the procedure to me. Walk across the square computerized pad on the floor making sure your stride hits the mark in the center of the pad, first with your right foot hitting the mark, then back across again with your left foot hitting the mark. The nurses suggested I practice a few times before officially recording my gait. I readily agreed.

As usual I started my step on my right foot and landed on the center mark without a problem. But each time I needed to start off with my left foot my brain froze and I struggled to get it right. It felt awkward and stilted and I required a few more minutes of practice and loads of verbal cues.

Right foot forward – great

Left foor forward perfect

Right foot – I remembered

Right foot – oops.

We needed to start all over again and again and again.

The nurses and I had a good chuckle, making fun of myself and my lack early morning coordination. I promised that next time I would wear my new shirt: “Good Morning Coordination!” Maybe it will help.

It’s Tuesday and I am once again joining the writing community over at Two Writing Teachers with my weekly slice of life post. Won’t you consider joining in?

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