Rabbit rabbit!

A few years ago a friend post “rabbit rabbit” on social media. I had never heard of this tradition and had to research the words. Apparently saying these words upon waking on the first of the month will ensure you will have good luck in the following days of that month.

I was thinking about these words today on this first day of June as I went about my day. While I didn’t utter those superstitious words, I did end up experiencing some lucky moments.

  • Spotting the turtle swimming across the lake. This turtle is rather old and slow but occasionally makes her presence known by paddling by our house. I just happen to be looking out the window today when that occurred!
  • Picking a four leaf clover! I was hurriedly watering my plants between PD sessions and looked down and found a four leaf clover amongst the grasses. While I do find four leaf clovers quite regulatory, I still feel lucky when I discover one.
  • Surprise early end time for a day of PD. After sitting and participating in learning sessions today, it was nice to be rewarded with an early finish allowing me to get outside in the fresh air for a few minutes.

Rabbit, rabbit! My lucky streak on this first day of June took center stage despite the lack of pronouncing its entrance. I wonder if that luck will continue for 29 more days!?!

4 Replies to “Rabbit rabbit!”

  1. I’ve not heard of this but I really enjoyed the lucky turnout you had.
    On four leaf clovers in particular—I can’t ever find any. I’ll keep looking though. You’ve reminded me they are out there.

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