It’s Tuesday and I’m joining the wonderful community of writers over at Two Writing Teachers.  Won’t you join in?




Why am I complaining?

I’m cold

I’m wet

I’m shivering

beyond control.

Watching on the sidelines

as I wait to cheer on

the first participants

to pass by.

I stop

and look

and pause


Why am I complaining?

Mobility impaired

missing one leg

or two

running by

wheelchair bound

or blind.

I stop

and look

and pause


and cry

Why am I complaining?







In honor of National Poetry Month I am attempting to write poetry each Tuesday for my slice of life post.  Today I am trying out a circular poem as suggested by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater over at her site Poem Farm.  Circular poems begin the same way they end.  I was inspired to write this poem as I watched in awe the Boston marathon runners.  I was caught up in the resilience of the participants who ran through 30 degree temperatures, torrential rains, and high winds, all to reach their goal of completing this race.  How could I – a mere spectator of  the race – complain about the conditions?












4 Replies to “Marathon”

  1. Circular writing has always resonated with me, in poetry, children’s books (The Relatives Came), and in longer pieces. Love the way you wrote this, as well as the thematic thread of gratitude and self-reflection. Thanks.

  2. What a powerful poem and extraordinary inspiration. You convey your awe at the courage of the runners so well. You, too, showed courage in being present to cheer them on.

  3. I completely agree. But it sometimes takes an event to wake us up and bring out those feelings. I love how you used the circular poem format for this post. I’m going to add that idea to my list.

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