Oh Deer!

Oh Deer!

We walked along the edge of the lake with the winter sun glistening on the shores.  The snow was fresh and powdery from the eight inch snowstorm the day before so all looked crisp and fresh.  The air had that freshness to it as well and since my daughter and I had bundled up with down jackets, hats and mittens we could appreciate the cleansing breathes.

“Look mom!”  We had been walking along the shore for about 10 minutes when I stopped short to focus where her fingers were pointing.  I turned and noticed a brown patch on top of the fresh snow.  I had to look long and hard before realizing that I was staring at a leg bone and hoof of a deer.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  My daughter wanted to run back home for fear the predator might jump out after us, after all whatever took down a large deer could certainly take us down.  I, on the other hand, wanted to investigate further.  We decided to turn back home as it was starting to get dark.  Not two steps later I heard my daughter Sarah screaming again.  I looked up to see fur scattered around the snowy ground leading my eyes up to the gruesome sight of the skeletal remains of the deer’s rib cage. I was starting to think Sarah’s plan to hasten home was wise but I was intrigued by this sighting.

I wanted to be a snow detective looking for clues as to who and how the carcass got here.  There was no sign of struggle, no bloody trail, just bones on top of the fresh fallen snow.  My mind was whirring with possibilities, none of which made sense.  I thought instead of the oddity of the stark bones laying against the white pure snow, the circle of life displayed at our feet as the daylight began to fade away.



Thank you to the wonderful authors at Two Writing Teachers for providing a space for teachers to gather online in support of practicing our writing and teaching craft.



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