Night Before Jitters

It’s the night before the students arrive back to school and I’ve got the jitters. After so many years as an educator you’d think I’d be immune to first day excitement and anxiety, but that is not the case. I’ll probably have my typical pre-school nightmare of either missing the bus, or forgetting my locker combination, making me wake extra sweaty and in a tizzy. And I’ll open my eyes at the crack of dawn even before my alarm sounds for the first time in 2 months.

Yes, the anxieties of school starting is ever present despite not having my own class. I have spent countless hours reading and learning and hitting the refresh button over the summer months, and now it’s time to set the wheels in motion. My energy and passion are primed and I have great hopes for a year filled with high expectations, engaged readers and writers, and joyful classrooms!

All I need is a good nights sleep. Here’s hoping!

It’s Tuesday and I am adding my post to the writing community over at Two Writing Teachers. Take a peek and consider joining in!

5 Replies to “Night Before Jitters”

  1. Have a great start! I am glad to know I am not the only teacher who has nightmares. About two weeks before, I begin dreaming that I show up at school on the first day with no plans, in my pajamas, and the principal and superintendent come in to do an evaluation while my feet are up on the desk and the class is in chaos! Yikes!

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